Islands Trips

Only to see another Island from the air or to land and stay there for a while - It`s your choice!

»  Santorini

SANTORINI, also called Thera or Thira, lies at the south of the Cyclades group at the heart of the Greek islands. It is the hottest spot in the Cyclades in more ways than one. Born in a massive volcanic eruption, fumes still rise from the active offshore volcano to create the most stunning sunsets in the Mediterranean. Cruise ships arrive in droves to take in this startling island with its romantic views, highly charged air and volcanic nights.

»  Myconos

MYKONOS is one of the most famous destinations in Greece and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Mykonos is a small island characterized by its picturesque town and its many beautiful long sandy beaches in crystal waters. The island is mostly known for its exciting nightlife.

»  Rhodes

RHODES is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and one of the largest in the Aegean sea. It is situated approximately 17,7 km from the coasts of Turkey. A holiday in Rhodes, Greece is like a trip through history, starting from antiquity to the present. Rhodes is an island that combines the ancient monuments and the ultra-modern business facilities, making it the ideal destination for both vacationers and business travelers. Its long sandy beaches and beautiful natural features attract thousands of nature lovers, while its water sports and golf facilities are a magnet for outdoor sports aficionados.


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